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Local Business Spotlight aka Success Stories

Auburn Gresham and our surrounding communities have some businesses that are working really hard to provide great products and services to our residents and visitors. Check here to see highlights on businesses we think you should get to know better. You won't be disappointed.

Success Stories 2022


Interested in applying? The Neighborhood Opportunity Fund can provide you with financial assistance to help improve your commercial property.

Brewer's Coffee & Customer New OCTOBER 2019 Becomes

The New "Face of NOF 2021-2022"

Advocating for Neighborhood Businesses by Brewing Up New Customers!




Our Auburn Gresham Neighborhood Business Center business network advocacy work is not just about attraction, retention and businesses getting to know each other. Our advocacy work has opened doors to new mutually beneficial partnerships amongst our local businesses. The good news is Brewer Coffee and Custard, for us is another Auburn Gresham business that became a Somercor504 success story, just posted in the latest SBIF Gram. The new Brewer Coffee and Custard, located at 1008 W. 79th Street is a small business story that is a great example of how through advocacy and targeted support for local African American businesses, a comprehensive “community” wide effort to create a holistic and vibrant community, can be a reality supporting the business, economic development and jobs vision of our community quality of life plan. The plan even stated that, “Once we identify black owned businesses for patronage and information sharing this will help our “community.” --- John Kennedy, Task Force Member. During the month of August, GAGDC’s NBDC helped connect the following to support the new coffee shop:

Firstly, a group of corporate partners working on volunteer projects in the hot August 6th sun, looked forward to visiting the new coffee and custard shop, for the second time, but this time getting an overview of the Brewer’s business story and deep family roots in the “community.” With over 25 customers purchasing iced coffee, custard and even a few sweets, it brewed up a great business day for the local owners.

Secondly, a neighborhood housing and senior support team having been rained out of an outdoor chair Yoga for Seniors” in the community garden on August 21st, was referred to the owner of Brewer Coffee and Custard, who allowed them to utilize newly remodeled space adjacent to the coffee shop, 1106 W. 79th Street, that is being advertised for rent. They were able to host both events (one day) at the new business. They also purchased the provided lunch including custard for desert for each attendee. This helped the shop have another very successful day!

Overall, our NBDC business advocacy efforts helps us to continue to build successful “community” programs, linking many types projects and programs across the neighborhood to our local businesses. This helps our organization and the “community” exceed the stated goals and expectations of the people we serve and our business partners. That’s why is it so fitting that this new black owned businesses’ logo, etched in the window is surrounded by “family hub” and “community.”


APRIL 2018 

The Scoop On How Ice Cream and Candy Is Keeping One Business Owner Busy
And Its All Good!


In Auburn Gresham, a new business opened the summer of 2017, at 8238 South Racine, B&B Ice Cream & Candy are still scooping up some great treats. The store remained a hit, with local students for lunch and after-school. On Saturday, April 14, 2018 the owner, Ellen Brazley, held a grand reopening. She also mentors small businesses with access to capital and takes pride in being able to be in the store, when she can and hire from the community and help provide local jobs.

The B&B Candy and Ice Cream welcoming and friendly staff, are starting get more and more great reviews from the neighborhood. We’ve added this new best kept secret to the community directory to help market and promote the business. To add to the sweetness, they have treats that are known locally as Chicago treats. It’s a just a little off the commercial corridor, only a couple of blocks from 79th Street. If you have a sweet tooth or need your ice cream fix, it is well worth the short walk or drive to pick up a scoop.

The good news is B&B Ice Cream and Candy has evening hours and serve up custom made ice cream treats, including milk shakes, snow cones, until 8pm. They get really packed during school lunch and after school hours, due to the crowds of young people leaving school. This is good news for business! Stop by for a taste and you’ll walk away with an ice cream dream!

B&B Ice Cream and Candy, open from 12pm to 8pm

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