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February 2016 - Spotlight on ACTPrep Chicago

ACTPrep Chicago Gets High Score for New Business Location

A local owner of educational services, ACTPrep Chicago always thought getting his name on the door and going through all the steps of opening in a storefront whether buying the building or leasing was a challenge, until he decided enough was enough and with a booming business he wanted to put his name on the door.

Mr. Glenn (owner) said it’s been a little challenging to manage his ACTprep business from several spaces for himself, customers and employees who help him deliver the tutoring and ACT test prep service to students. With a permanent location, this will help parents feel safer and give his small business more credibility and add to his already success. He wanted to make sure that he did everything by the book and in order. He gladly went downtown to the Small Business Office and got his business in order. He decided he was ready to lease some space still local in the community.  He said, “If you're not ready, to do what it takes, not only could your location selection not work out, but your business may suffer as well.”

He worked through each step, business license finalized, having the floor plans created and approved by the city of Chicago, fire inspectors and finally, getting his sign made and hanging it on the storefront. He feels all this will help him save money and in the end he will be able to reduce costs for clients who struggle to pay.

For more information call 773.474.2540 or visit ACTPrep Chicago's website at