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June - Business Spotlight New Project86

Project86 New Restaurant Model Brings A Little Inspiration To The Community

Deaton, Cruz & Smith Community Outreach is now doing business as Projet86, on the south side of the city of Chicago. The permanent office address is 1153 W. 79th Street, a spot that is comfortable, with a back yard extension capable of growing a small garden. The business decided set up shop right here on 79th street and it is no accident. They have hopes of repeating a restaurant business model that has proven to be successful. Project86 has a new formal teaching twist that’s being added, to ensure they stay in their truth.

The small team of inspired entrepreneurs met with the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation (GAGDC) to discuss their vision and mission and to explore options of where they might lease or buy property, within close proximity of the main office. Because of the work that GAGDC have been doing addressing vacant storefronts, along the 79th Street Business corridor, it was second nature to offer a list of available options, using the tools we have on hand to help small businesses. The team was very appreciative and excited that we had plenty of resources and strong business relationships with local property owners. In fact, a series of introductions could be made very quickly. They have not come to a final decision on a restaurant location yet, but Project86 is truly inspired by the location options and look forward to setting up shop in a new teaching kitchen.