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January 2016 - Spotlight On CoolHerb’s Barbeque ThrowDown

Barbeque Caterer Struggles to Open A Local Store front Business

Local catering business owner, in Auburn Gresham continues to struggle to maintain his customer base and finalize arrangements on a new storefront.  The owner of CoolHerb’sBarbeque ThrowDown, has already decided maybe he just can't afford open.

Herb has been working to qualify for funding in the range as low as $800 up to the needed $10,000 to get an existing storefront that used to be a popular barbeque fast food restaurant back open. He has investigated many types of loans. He thought it would be easier since the street is now left with many abandoned businesses.

The building owner Mr. Smith, "The rebuild process really hasn't begun yet.”  Herb agreed and felt "the number of classes and hoops I have to jump through to get a loan, through your recommendations, hasn’t done a lot to help us getting businesses opened faster."

He attended the new business taskforce, as referred and noted there that he wants businesses and other “angel investors” to think about investing in the business district differently by pooling money and resources and really acting like the village we say we are. This Herb feels will help clean up that section of 79th Street and brighten it up so customers will feel comfortable returning to patronize all the good quality open businesses in Auburn Gresham.

Herb went ahead and worked with a company to complete marketing material, in hopes that a positive movement will help him get ahead of the game, as he continues to work for funds for his business.

Continuing to follow-up with Herb has helped build trust and to ensure he stays optimistic and committed to the community.