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The Law Project Resources for Small Businesses

The Law Project and Legal Clinics for Small Businesses

The Law Project provides pro bono transactional legal services to small businesses and non-profits. As an NBDC Specialty Advisor, the Law Project offers these services generally and through Legal Clinic appointments at all of the five regional legal clinics in 2016. The Law Project will administer the RSVPs. Contact Jody Adler at if you are interested in co-hosting a Legal Clinic, which counts towards Business Events deliverables for geographic and Diversity Outreach NBDCs.
Website design guidelines for your Legal Clinic link:

o    Use the following link on your website:
o    Locate the link on your home page in a user-friendly location
o    List the upcoming Legal Clinics
o    Use the following language “Free Legal Advice for Your Business. Email The Law Project and provide the name of each attendee, business name and contact information. ”