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Spring 2011 Digital Nutrition Schedule  

Digital Nutrition

Digital Literacy Meets Nutritional Health in Auburn Gresham


Digital nutrition is a new initiative within The Greater Auburn Gresham community, in partnership with the University of Illinois Nutrition Extension department, to bridge the Nutritional Divide that exists within Auburn Gresham. Many American men, women and children suffer from obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and multiple forms of arthritis. Why Is This?

The truth is, our daily dietary consumption has been conditioned due to various reasons, and the only way to prevent and cure the conditions and ailments many people suffer from, is to educate ourselves on food consumption and begin to understand the link between food, health and technology.

If a community can learn the benefits of adopting technology into their lives and accepting it as lifestyle change, via our Smart Communities Initiative, we are positive that people can achieve a similar lifestyle change in their nutritional health.

Class Schedule:

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Date: Every Thursday

Location: Perspectives High School of Technology (Computer Lab #222)

8131 S. May

Chicago, IL 60620


Recommended Book & Sites:

University of Illinois Extentions, Thrifty Living

The Urban Health Initiative, The University of Chicago Medical Center

Southside Health & Vitality Study, The University of Chicago Medical Center

Soak Your NUTS, By Karyn Calabrese

The Hood Health Handbook Volume I, By Supreme Understanding and C'BS Alife Allah

Vegan with A Vengance, By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

The Juiceman's Power of Juicing, By Jay Krodich

Health 24

The Food Groups

Daily Food Plan


Create Your Food Profile

Nutritional Facts Overview

Make Your Calories Count

Food Label and You –Video (select your own segments)

Analyze Physical Activity

How Much Money Should You Spend On Food?

University of Illinois Extentions, Thrifty Living

Subscribe for Food Recalls

Food Safety Topics

Health Video's, Podcasts & More

Recommended Video To Watch:

  1. Food Inc.
  2. Food Matters
  3. A Beautiful Truth
  4. Food Fight
  5. The Gerson Miracle 
  6. SuperSize Me

If you are interested in being a part of our digital nutrition classes please contact

Jimmy Prude

Community/Technology Organizer

Auburn Gresham Development Corporation

Phone: (773)-483-3696