New Christian Social Network Offers Better Choice For Facebook Users

My Space for Grace is a new social network, which has a similar look as Facebook but is a whole lot better when you get inside. It officially launched on February 1, 2015 and will give Christians their very own platform to connect. With this social network; churches, believers of Christ and socially conscious individuals will have an opportunity to connect with family & friends, churches and people everywhere.

My Space for Grace also offers churches and faith-based organizations a way to communicate with their audience in an inspirational and positive environment. Where they can post their messages like upcoming events and news without competing with all the negatives stuff most networks showcase. Facebook is the largest social network; used by billions daily, but they showcase negative images of provocative photos and video of fights & killings.

My Space For Grace is not trying to compete with giant Facebook, they just want to offer an alternative aim at promoting a positive environment for believers of Christ and people in general who just want a better socializing experience. 

The creators explained their inspiration behind the making of My Space for Grace, “We wanted to create a place that felt like home, where people could have uplifting and inspiring conversation. A place where they could give their daily testimony of how Jesus Christ affects their lives and upload media like photos and videos that would make them praise, dance, laugh and sing. A forum you can go to get an inspiring message at the start of your day without seeing video of the bodies of last night's tragic shooting."

There is no doubt about the fact that My Space for Grace will give the Christian an ideal platform where they can spread love by connecting and sharing things about God’s kingdom and their spiritual journey with others.

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