Techie Girls Are Just Chillin' This Summer

Add story content from M. Michele Blaise, vice president of Engineering and Project Management interview and be sure to mention the details on why it started"

The original idea came up during National Women's History month, this past March 2014.

the two pronged approach to 1) address females in the Engineering and Science fields (24%), 2) ComED, although a provider of energy, is working tirelessly in its support to promote sustainability. One way to do this through their "refrigerator turn in program. The goal is to help reduce the, carbon footprint by recycling refrigerators (describe), and in turn, customers receive a $25 bonus.

As a mechanical engineer by trade, Michele states, "It is importatnt for me to help young women see the possibilities of loving STEM and not knowing what to do about it."

Working with Chicago Urban League, Girls for Science, Girl Scouts of American Chicago/Indiana as key partners, they worked to select thirty-one (31) young ladies, all between the ages of 13 and 18, to make up the six teams for this inaugural Icebox Derby. 

The good news, is the girls had a part in participating in the actual design of their "Icebox Cars." It was through the voluteerism of BMW (trademark) staff who helped them complete the design workplans. However, with assistance from their mentor, it was noted, "they have to figure the design out and make it (car) work."

One way the project connects through the community for support of the Icebox Derby is through the projects social media campaign. The project uses the hashtag #empower to vote for the teams, by their individual names.

The team names are: #Chillin, #PinkTech Girls, #

In addition, "We want to encourage all to go to and vote for the teams. 

When asked if this was the start of new tradition for ComEd and the youth, Michele noted, "This was  a great experience for us and and we definitely want to do our part to get to number two!"

You can't tweet or post on Facebook just any comment, they need quality focused STEM (substance, technical, engaging, meaningful) social interactions, when you vote for the teams, to earn increasing bonuses for their teams each week. Each week the teams can earn the artifacts need to build, care and enhance their cars!

Chicago, tweet quality and tweet often, #empower #<icebox derby team name>!!!

For folks who want to see how fast and far a refrigerator can go live and in person, the Icebox Derby race will be held at the Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday night, starting at 1 p.m. Admission is free. Come cheer on your favorite team!

Tell Colbee Fashoda's story with lots of pictures, local Southwest teen (nearby the Auburn Gresham), the epitomy of a "SMART" community. She admits, "I am really smart, with a chuckle.

A rising King College Prep sophomore. 

Her brother got her interested in math

When asked about why the name the Chillin.....

She feels very confident and said, "We got this. As a team, we stay really focused. We are going to win.

Make sure to start and end with the Icebox Derby Event to be held on August 23rd, 2014 at Museum of Science and Industry

To help cultivate Chicago's young female innovators, ComEd, along with community partners Girls4Science, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana and the Chicago Urban league launched the first annual Icebox Derby with an official kick-off event July 9 at the Derby Garage in Chicago. 

The Icebox Derby is an educational competition that provides female students the opportunity to gain real-world, hands-on experience through activities that bring to life the subjects they learn in school.