MAPSCorps, Apply for Alumni Council by Sept. 30th!

We’re gearing up to start the second year of the MAPSCorpos Alumni Council. This year, we’ve partnered with Toastmasters to provide our youth with leadership and public speaking skills development as part of being in the Alumni Council. If you know of any of your mappers who would be interested in joining the Alumni Council, please share this flyer with any alumni Mapper you know and encourage them to apply by September 30th at!

The MAPSCorps Alumni council is a group of former MAPScorps participants who meet regularly to plan fun Science Technology Engineering or Math related activities such as behind the scenes trips to museums, robotics competitions, college and career visits etc. 

This group of leaders suggest new improvements to MAPSCorps program, help recruit new participants, and find new ways to use the Mapping data we collect in the summer to elevate their communities.

It is a chance to build your leadership and public speaking skills, build strong bonds with other MAPSCorps youth across the city and make a big difference.