Dr. Julious Lawson, Network 11 Chief

Spotlight on Dr. Julious Lawson, for instituting the first ever, Network 11 Awards. We were proud of the network and especially as an Auburn Gresham GOLD community partner, of all of the numerous achieves of our Network 11 Prinicipals, teachers and staff achievements. 

Dr. Julious Lawson

Network 11

A native Chicagoan, Dr. Julious Lawson believes in creating school communities that are built on optimism and hope to transform the experience of children living in poverty. Julious was raised in Chicago’s Englewood community, where he experienced firsthand the inequity that exists for children in low-income communities. He has dedicated his career to ending that inequity by helping students realize their ability to be successful in school and beyond.

Julious served as a middle school teacher and assistant principal before being named principal of Montefiore ES. He transformed this struggling school into a safe space that focused on learning. He achieved a similar turnaround as principal of Pullman ES, which achieved a Level 1+ rating under his leadership.

Julious holds a master’s degree in educational administration from Chicago State University and a doctorate in educational leadership from Argosy University.