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Auburn Gresham GOLD Schools Receive Recognition Banners From Network 11 For Great Work Around Attendance

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, Clara Barton Elementary School Principal August Smith, received a very welcomed gift, from the Chicago Public Schools Network 11 office. With all the "real" work Principal Smith, staff and teams are doing at Barton, this is not such a surprise. To quote Principal Smith's school opening message, "Our school is growing by leaps and bounds! We can not thank you enough for your support and recognition of the hard work that we do everyday on behalf of your children."

This Network 11 accolade is no different, it proves that hard work really does pay off. Today the leadership team received a large banner, from the network in recognition of the collaborative impact, of all the hard work a small team of school staff and community organization have made towards major attendance improvements, over the last several years!

Barton Attendance team shares banner received from CPS Network 11 office

The reaction of Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation (GAGDC), School-based Health/Parent Coordinator, Anya Cawthon, "I am very proud to be a part of the team that is taking Barton to the next level!! This is so awesome!!!" And she should be very proud. Anya's work assisting schools with attendance best practices, especially at Barton, has been steadfast, focused and by strategic design.

Principal Smith was not alone in receiving this amazing accolade. The Principal at Richard J. Oglesby, who has only been at the school for a small portion of the school year, was also duly rewarded, for Oglesby improving attendance! A lot has occurred in Oglesby this past year. "I am very proud of the successes we had last year in the short amount of time after my arrival. I can only imagine the greatness that lies ahead of us in 2017!" Principal Henderson says, in her 2016-2917 school year welcome address.

The GAGDC is extremely proud of its school based partnerships, we are collaborating with, as part of the Auburn Gresham GOLD community driven education initiative. Congratulations Principal Smith and Principal Henderson! We look forward to the continued partnership to help ensure Barton and Oglesby have the academic and community supports in place to continue school success!