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Barton Attendance Reaches 97%!

Auburn Gresham GOLD Awesome News Flash!
Thursday, May 5, 2016 10:16 AM
Subject: Clara Barton Elementary Schoo; Reachs 97% ATTENDANCE YESTERDAY!
Auburn Gresham Gold (AGGOLD) works with schools to improve students on track status. School attendance is directly tied to academic achievement. Community organizations and schools are working together to create innovative attendance incentive strategies to get and keep our students in school and learning.

I want to congratulate Barton School for having 97% attendance on yesterday. The attendance team at Barton does an amazing job stressing the importance of daily attendance to parents and students. It's always nice to see when your hard work pays off.

Thank you home team (GAGDC) for helping to support the attendance goals in major ways. The support we get through our incentive program really makes the difference in pushing our students to get up and moving daily and on time!

I am so happy to be apart of Greater Auburn Gresham, Auburn Gresham GOLD education initiative and more importantly Barton Elementary who opened their home to me by allowing me to be a part of their team and support their efforts around the school!

Great Job!
Have a wonderful day!  
Ms. Cawthon

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