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Share Your Academic Successes!

In response to   Tweet: "We have PR challenge when it comes to promoting success! ," a light bulb went off for me this evening! 

I updated our community portal to create a page Share-Your-Academic-Successes, where a student, parent, teacher, mentor, community member etc. can share academic successes of our youth! Our community portals were designed to help eliminate these types of PR challenges. Our education team can assist in spreading the word across our Auburn Gresham Gold Schools, however we will need help spreading the word to the greater community!

February 12, 2015

A young brother came early to his tutoring session this evening. While he was waiting, he struck up a conversation and told me he got all F's his freshman year in school. He continued to tell me about his day. He was an athlete and that he treated himself to chicken and waffles before coming. The icing is that he said, "thanks to a change in school and tutoring with formally Gregg Tutori and now Mr. Glenn, he now has a 3.8 GPA, in his sophomore year.  First of all, let me say I was honored this young brother, shared his positive academic success with me.

However, what was most memorable was listening to his tutor dialogue with him and listen, as he told him about his day. His tutor ultimately told him that getting in the correct environment to learn (school) means everything. He then went on to say, " do your realize how your old school prepared you for this success?" #youngbrother #academicsuccess

Mr. Kwadjo Glenn, Managing Director/Instructor can be reached at 773-474-2540, See the results of young "Movers" and the company "Success Rates" on his website, Classes are conducted at: Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corp 7901 S Racine, Chicago, IL 60620.