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News items related to CAN TV

Warp Speed in 20 Years?

Is warp speed possible? Is it the technology of the future?

TABLET WARS! iPad vs Surface RT

Which mega company's tablet gives you the best bang for your buck - Microsoft? Or Apple?


Ni Hoa, Chinatown!

Children from Westcott's Mini Summer Camp going global, without leaving the southside of Chicago.

STAND BACK, Westcott Little Tikes Learn KARATE!

Westcott's Awesome Karate Program!

The Camp of Excitement!

Auburn Gresham's Gold Summer Camp!!!

RCN Franchise Approved by Chicago City Council

On April 24, 2012, the Chicago City Council approved a precedent-setting franchise agreement for cable company RCN that provides stable funding and technical parity for the public’s channels in Chicago.

RCN Franchise Renewal Supports CAN TV

The week of April 16, the Chicago City Council will vote on a precedent setting agreement for RCN, the first of three cable companies to renew its franchise in Chicago. The 10-year agreement ensures CAN TV’s independence and increases its future stability. Find out how you can get involved.