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The Camp of Excitement!


The Auburn Gresham's Gold 2013 Mini Summer Camp is great way for kids to enjoy their summer break and gain knowledge while doing so! The teachers engaged the students by reading books and singing songs. Within the program the students enhance their literacy skills during different activities. Every day the students participate in art and literacy where reading a book becomes a creative experience. One of the books they read were “Who’s Hat”, which is a book a about identifying different occupations. While the teacher read “Who’s Hat”, the children yelled out the different careers they wanted to pursue, when they got older. Some of the careers were being a policeman, a fireman, and a teacher.

Other activities that are integrated in the camp are fishing, sports, martial art, Arts and craft, and gardening.

 What makes Westcott different from traditional summer camps is that, they intertwine academics with different activities. I recommend the Westcott summer camp to parents who want their children to keep their Child(ren) safe in the summer as well as involve them in fun and educational activities.

Keywords: CAN TV, education, GAGDC, LITERACY, reading, SAFE

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