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Ni Hoa, Chinatown!

Westcott’s Mini Summer Camp, took a fun trip to another wonderful Chicago southside community, called Chinatown. When we arrived the children were absorbed with the great architect, designs on huge pillars and colorful chinese stores. This stop was Chinatown Square. There were different animals (zodiac figures) carved into stone, and each one represented a birth animal.

Each kid ran to different pillars trying to find their own! One of the volunteers gathered all of the students to show them the stories carved on the pillars, about how the Chinese created paper. So every time you use paper, be sure to thank them! Then we headed to a Chinese restaurant called “The Phoenix.”

While settling in for lunch, what really grabbed the youth's attention were the chopsticks at each table setting.  All the kids tried to use the chopsticks in their own special way. We were served a delicious meals of egg rolls, shrimp fried rice, and won tons. Everyone thought it was so delicious they asked for seconds!  After a great day of exploring Chinatown, we headed back to the Westcott mini-camp with a better understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture. The mini-campers even got to keep their chopsticks!

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