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ISU Students Raise Funds for Poetry Slams In Auburn Gresham GOLD Schools!

ROYAL: Revolution Of Young Artists as Leaders | Education & Schools - YouCaring Campaign




We are special education majors at Illinois State University who are currently enrolled in Dr. April Mustian’s SED 388 (Section 2) course on Classwide and Individualized Behavior Supports. Our class is part of a new course sequence at ISU called INFUSE (Innovative Network of Future Urban Special Educators). As part of INFUSE, we take immersion trips to Chicago and other urban areas in Illinois so that we can learn more about being successful urban educators.

Our class is raising money for a really awesome after school program that is going to start in a few Chicago Public Schools called ROYAL (Revolution Of Young Artists as Leaders). Not only is the after school program for an urban area school, but it is also a really creative way to keep the students attending and involved with an enriching and engaging activity that is funded, in part, by students here at ISU!

Please help us support our future leaders in Auburn Gresham! They deserve it! To read our story and to to help fund Simeon Career Academy and Cook Elementary School click on the links above!