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Tech Organizer

Jimmy Prude is a native Chicagoan, who attended Howard University, where he earned his BBA in

Jimmy Prude, Organizing in Auburn Gresham on 79th & Racine

Business/Computer Information Systems & Decision Sciences. Jimmy brings a wealth of experience to the table as Auburn Gresham's Community/Technology Organizer. Before working with Chicago's Smart Communities Initiative, Jimmy studied at the University of Chicago, to explore course-work in Public Policy. Prior to University of Chicago, he studied at the University of Rhode Island, Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies. In following his passion for technology and community development, he became a technology instructor at Perspectives Calumet High School of Technology, after working as a project manager at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. Now as Auburn Gresham's Community/Technology Organizer, some of his responsibilities include supporting the development of new community leadership, building residential online communities, and creating greater awareness for digital literacy and civic engagement. 

Jimmy Prude

Smart Communities

Community/Technology Organizer

Auburn Gresham Development Corporation 

Phone: (773)-483-3696

Fax: (773)-483-3692