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YOUR VOICE MATTERS DECEMBER TASK FORCE "Education and Youth Development" Meeting

The DECEMBER TASK FORCE "Education and Youth Development" Meeting, simply stated, "small numbers, big vision."

The January 2016 Your Voice Matters meeting is going to be very critical for our educaiton taskforce. It is also the midpoint of our community quality of life planning process.

As the information unfolds solidfiying the date, time and location, it will be extremely important to ensure the meeting is filled to capacity and inclusive of as many parents, concerned residents of all ages, neighborhood school leadership and staff, to address this important phase of our strategic community planning process.

On deck to present, is the new Area Chief of Network 11 schools. Our network  11 team will present the "state of the union" address, presenting Chicago Public School Data, that will give us a good understanding of the where we stand in our academic readiness and other key indicators, for the schools across our network.

Our youth's future education successful outcomes, are dependent on the strategies and goals that we collectively put in place, to drive any and all needed improvements, in parent engagement activities and academics the schools throughout our neighborhood.

Again, thanks to our team of thought leaders, who participated December 17th, and created a collective baseline vision, for the Your Voice Matters Task Force to drive  the future of education and youth development, in our community!

Keywords: Chicago Public Schools, community engagement, education, parents, Planning

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