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Jackie Vassar receives new Dell Desktop computer from BRN

Soul Food Unlimited is in a class all by itself when it comes to Auburn Gresham businesses. The company has been family owned and remains one of the most active corporations in the community - participating annually in the 79th Street Renaissance Festival, serving as an SSA#32 Commissioner, and actively participating in local events, training, and e-classes, as well as donating generous amounts of food for a multitude of community activities.

It's no surprise that a company this dedicated to the community should be the FIRST to benefit from the new Business Resource Network in Auburn Gresham. Jackie Vassar, owner of Soul Food Unlimited, wasted no time signing up, attending free classes, and earning herself a beautiful, brand new Dell desktop computer in the process. She's serious about taking her business to the next level of success and pretty soon she'll have a shiny, new website to look at on her shiny new computer, because she learned how to create a website - for free - at the Business Resource Network.

Jackie uses her new computer to find her business on the portal!

Be one of the 20 lucky (well, 19 - now) Auburn Gresham business owners to see their own faces and businesses highlighted RIGHT HERE in the ALL STAR SPOTLIGHT by doing exactly what she did: sign up to participate in the BRN, take some free classes, get some free coaching, and earn your business a desktop!

Restrictions apply - Your business MUST be in Auburn Gresham. Businesses outside the boundaries will not qualify. You MUST provide valid ID, business license, and copy of most recently filed business (Corporate) taxes.

If you're interested in seeing how you can qualify for a business desktop, please contact piashantee at 773.723.3557