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Free Cyberbullying Toolkit for Educators

A Year Without Cyberbullying Could Start Here

Free Cyberbullying Toolkit Available Now!

Cyberbullying is back to school, too. Don’t let it get settled in.

 We recommend checking out this new FREE cyberbullying toolkit for educators from Common Sense Media. It offers the resources you need to create a school culture where students know how to stand up to cyberbullying, not stand by.

 The toolkit combines engaging classroom lessons and easy-to-implement parent education materials – all organized by grade level. The tools integrate easily into your back-to-school classroom and parent engagement plans, and there’s something here for every educator – whether you’re a classroom teacher, media specialist, tech coordinator, administrator, or parent leader.

 Start your year off right with help from this toolkit. Your students – and their families – will thank you!

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