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May 2013

16 5K March to College

5:30–6:30 pm - Grant Park, 331 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601

August 2013

24 Free Vaccinations for School Kids

10 am–7 pm - 8331 S. Stewart Ave., Clinic at Walmart, Chicago, IL 60620

June 2014

6/27–8/1 Chicago Park District July Events

12–12 am - South Region, Chicago, IL 60629

News items

Know a Child Who Could Benefit From a Mentor?

By connecting with a trusted adult on meaningful, fun-filled outings, a child can develop a better vision for his or her future beyond the limited horizons that hold back far too many children.
Chicago Dental Society Launches Oral Safety Campaign

Just in time for school sports season, CDS dentists are making custom-fit mouthguards more accessible and affordable for families, by offering 50% off for kids and youth.

Harmony Health Plan Incentive Programs Promote Positive Health Outcomes for Its Members and Their Babies

In Illinois, one in eight infants is born to a mother who did not get all recommended prenatal care. Without this care, mothers are three times more likely to deliver babies with health problems. Regular prenatal visits help to monitor the pregnancy and identify problems or complications before they become serious. To promote positive health outcomes for its members and their babies, Harmony Health Plan, Inc., has developed two incentive programs designed to reward providers for delivering quality care and members for obtaining recommended care.

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