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Harmony Health Plan Incentive Programs Promote Positive Health Outcomes for Its Members and Their Babies

CHICAGO (Oct. 5, 2016) – To promote positive health outcomes for its members and their babies, Harmony Health Plan, Inc., a subsidiary of WellCare Health Plans, Inc., (NYSE: WCG), has developed two incentive programs designed to reward providers for delivering quality care and members for obtaining recommended care.

The first program recognizes the vital connection between prenatal care for mothers and positive health outcomes for newborns. In Illinois, one in eight infants is born to a mother who did not get all recommended prenatal care. Without this care, mothers are three times more likely to deliver babies with health problems. Regular prenatal visits help to monitor the pregnancy and identify problems or complications before they become serious.

Physicians in Harmony’s Medicaid plan receive bonus payments for providing quality prenatal and postpartum care through Harmony’s Hugs Program. Hugs also rewards expectant mothers with free baby equipment, such as strollers, for completing prenatal visits, and a small financial incentive for completing postpartum care. Mothers enrolled in the member program in 2015 were 15 percent more likely to obtain recommended prenatal and postpartum care.

"Harmony’s goal is for mothers to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies,” said Dr. Robin L. Jones, Harmony Health Plan’s medical director. “Through prenatal visits, not only is an infant’s health monitored, but health care providers are given the opportunity to educate mothers on staying healthy, now and after the baby is born, through diet and healthy habits."

The second program focuses on care for children from birth to age 2. In addition to being reimbursed for services delivered, providers and their staff receive bonuses for services such well-child visits and immunizations. Mothers can receive free diapers for getting their children the recommended vaccinations.

 “A good partnership with our providers helps our members achieve and maintain optimal health,” said Dr. Robert Hilliard, Jr., president of Harmony Health Plan. “These incentives are designed to recognize and reward physicians and their staffs who deliver proactive, preventive health care, as well as the member who is a vital part of ensuring good health for themselves and their babies.”

For more information about child wellness visits, call Harmony’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-608-8158 (TTY 1-877-650-0952) Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or visit

As of June 30, 2016, WellCare and Harmony Health Plan serve approximately 211,000 members in Illinois, including 168,000 Medicaid members, 15,000 Medicare Advantage plan members and 28,000 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan members.

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