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TECH THURSDAYS Chicago September 22-23, 2016





Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, a start-up business or planning to start a business soon, Tech Thursdays Chicago 2016 Annual Conference allows you to select the workshops that best meet your needs and support your experience.  Along with our Exhibitor's Hall and special guests including Microsoft, Google, Groupon and more, consider the following topics we will cover with expert presenters over the two days...

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  • SOCIAL MEDIA & SELLING go hand-in-hand. Learn how to leverage your social media network to improve your company’s visibility and increase the sales of your products and services 
  • Keep your message from getting lost on mobile. Understand how to entertain a prospect and keep a client engaged using ONLINE SALES SOLUTIONS. 
  • As we explore payment technologies in TECHNOLOGY BEHIND GETTING PAID, you’ll learn how the right digital solutions can improve timely receipt of customer payments.  


  • Have a website or want to enhance your website? In WEBSITE DESIGN & MANAGEMENT, we discuss the benefits of great design and explore various website formats for your business.
  • What is AFFILIATE MARKETING?  Learn how marketing the products and services sold and fulfilled by other companies, like Amazon, can increase your revenue while reducing your stress. 
  • What’s your online marketing strategy? In WEBSITE, BLOGS & SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGERY, you’ll learn the importance of quality images, (photos, illustrations, graphics) to keep your audience engaged.
  • EFFECTIVE E-MAIL MARKETING explores “how to” improve the results of your e-mail campaigns.  Review the best practices of successful campaigns and identify a strategy that works best for you.  


  • Learn how to RAISE CAPITAL ONLINE with investors using a variety of capital raising, startup investing and equity crowdfunding platforms. 
  • Getting an infusion of capital for your business is always a challenge. We explore how to raise capital from individual donors and which platforms to choose in CROWDFUNDING YOUR FUTURE.
  • Learn from traditional and non-traditional lenders how to prepare for and gain ACCESS TO CAPITAL for your business.  Lender representatives will be onsite to discuss your business needs with you.

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  • Can you manage your growing business without help? VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS & SUPPORT explores how online tools support the virtual engagement and management of assistants and support staff.  
  • Do you have a current business plan or is planning too difficult because it’s so time consuming? BUSINESS PLANNING ONLINE identifies tech apps that simplify building and managing your plan.
  • Invoices in one stack, receipts in another, and uncertain about cash flow? BOOKKEEPING ONLINE may help. Learn how managing your books online can streamline your management processes.  
  • MANAGING ONLINE LEGAL SOLUTIONS provide us with affordable options for legal support but at what risks? This workshop explores the best approaches to acquire and retain legal support for your business.  


  • Learn how easy it is for your office or business to become more efficient when it is “virtual or cloud-based” during our workshop on INTRODUCTION TO THE CLOUD.  
  • Once you are in the cloud, learn how to INTEGRATE CLOUD APPLICATIONS, so all your business information and tools are easily available to you anywhere at any time.
  • We have the flexibility to do more online, but cannot overlook the threat of cyber-attack. MANAGE ONLINE SECURITY introduces processes and tools available to secure your business assets and manage your online presence.
  • In THE FUTURE OF PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS we discuss where business support technology is headed as business owners require more flexibility, mobility and security in their productivity tools.

Join us for one or more of these informative sessions and become eligible to receive up to $725 in free technical support.     

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