Health Equity Associate - Summer Vista Opportunity

NHS Chicago’s Neighborhood Strategy has a summer Vista opportunity available.  Candidates should have experience creating maps, data aggregation and analysis.  The position overview is below for your reference. 

Those interested should be directed to, choose Illinois for the state and  enter Health Equity Associate in the “Program Name” search field. 

Summer Health Equity Associate

The Health Equity Associate will support Neighborhood Strategy in conducting research on health disparities in Low and Moderate Income (LMI) communities as part of our strategic goals of advancing racial equity and inclusion in our Neighborhoods. The result will be insight into the role access to healthcare, fresh food sources, and homeownership have in health outcomes in LMI communities. This information will serve as a foundation for strategies to promote homeownership as a tool to achieve health equity within NHS target communities. The primary responsibilities will include developing a process for categorizing and organizing key community demographic and amenity data to illustrate the relationship between homeownership and key indicators. The purpose of this project is to provide insight into role of homeownership in influencing the social determinants of health.

Using publicly available data such as REAL Info, Census data, and the City of Chicago data portal, research NHS targeted LMI neighborhoods to secure key demographic, economic and community information to highlight the impact of homeownership on social determinants of health in the form of an interactive map, charts, and narrative. Using the acquired data, create a 30-year view for the targeted communities illustrating homeownership development over time relative to median income, home value, and employment rates. Similarly, create interactive maps of the resources in the target neighborhoods with layering features. The Associate will also participate in community engagement events to gain a better understanding of the people that make up the targeted communities, participate and contribute to bi-weekly Neighborhood Strategy team meetings; consistently document and store deliverables in NHS cloud storage systems; and periodically explore the target neighborhoods to validate data.