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Sally Ann Corset Shop

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Ladies, if you want to go back to a more sophisticated and elegant time when women didn't just go into a store and pull a bra off the rack, but went into a boutique to be fitted for one - you need to visit Sally Ann's Corset Shop. It's off the beaten path, but the service is professional, classy, and positively lush as you browse around a small, intimate boutique looking at sexy lingerie - waiting to be attended to. The atmosphere is open and accepting - girls talking across the dressing rooms, showing off their bras, and asking for opinions. It's elegant and fun at the same time. And the measurement will be spot on. You'll have to get over your shyness for this one, girls - being bare breasted is just not a big deal here and the supportive atmosphere (no pun intended) will soon ease your mind and help liberate your pocket book, too, when you find something you just can't "leave" without!



Sally Ann Corset Shop

10501 S. Western
Chicago, IL 60643

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