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Community Outreach Volunteers, NFP

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COV prides itself in preparing youth for college. By offering a college-prep program COV is making a wise and profitable investment in its youth. The program consists of SAT/ACT preparation, learning English, math, and research and study skill. Each child walks away with the tools necessary to effectively continue their test preparation efforts.


Community Outreach Volunteers has a youth mentoring program designed to provide children with role models.  Through the youth mentoring program, we aim to develop the social, emotional, and practical skills necessary for each child to succeed.  The goals for the youth mentoring program are:

• To educate and increase the academic accomplishments of each child
• Building trusting relationships with peers and adults
• Maximize the potential of each mentee through activities and social interaction

• Retain and follow-up with each mentee to assure proper guidance


Community Outreach Volunteers is inspired by the conviction that volunteering is a powerful tool to engage people who are dealing with economic development and social challenges. Our volunteers are trained in the importance of discipline, mentorship, leading by example, and empowering our youth. Volunteering is the heartbeat of Community Outreach Volunteers.


The sports programs are run through out the year as part of our mentoring program. The summer camps are run in the summer.
They consist of soccer, basketball, football, and tennis.  The day camps are also run during this time and range from 1-3 hours per day for children age 5-13.  All programs and camps are operated by  expert staff.
COV has implemented the “Urban Fitness Program & Sports” project. This program works with Englewood children between the ages of 5-13, at various fitness levels, who are enrolled in the Urban Fitness Initiative. This program is designed to help youth gain access to current information regarding health and nutrition. Youth will also receive awards and recognition for their achievements. Englewood adult residents are also encouraged to participate in and/or support the fitness programs as participants, referees, coaches, trainers, and other support personnel.

Community Outreach Volunteers, NFP

400 W. 76th Street, Suite 360
Chicago, IL 60620

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