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FREE After School Programs



The ARK of St. Sabina offers a variety of FREE after school programs for youth and young adults in the community.  Here's a sneak peak of some of the upcoming activities we will be launching at the ARK this winter.  Enrollment is currently open for the following programs; Music Studio, Youth Entrepreneurship Program, L.Y.R.I.C. Poetry Group (Let Your Rhyms Inspire Creativity), Employment, Step/Drill Team, Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, Safety Networks, Tutoring, Karate, Mentoring , Program Basketball, Hip Hop Dance, Film/Video Production, Computer Lab, Jazz Alive, Arts & Crafts, WPT (World Performance Team, males only), G.E.M. Step Team (females only) . 

For more information please contact Marchae Miller at (773) 483-4333.

September 2020

9/28–10/30 Humana Virtual Healthy Lifestyle Class Calendar for October

3–3 pm - Virtual

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