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Understanding the Legal Implications of the Redistricting Process


We have shared strategies for you to get involved in the Census; provided an overview of the redistricting process and how you can develop community-driven strategies for redistricting.  This final webinar is based on the work that the Lawndale Alliance did with UCCRO and a multi-cultural coalition to maximize opportunities for minority groups to elect candidates of their choice throughout the state of Illinois.   We will share an overview of the

  • Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • Illinois Voting Rights Act of 2011
  • Relevant Court Cases and Case Studies

While it is too early to provide reapportionment data (the 2020 Census won't be done until April 1, 2020), we can share approximate milestones of which you should be aware based on the process in 2010.  It should noted that these are approximations and the process may be somewhat different.

Keywords: Census, Civic Engagement, community development, Community Engagement, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Utopia, Valerie F. Leonard

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