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"Stop the Violence Talent Showcase"

National Gun Violence Awareness Month!

You are cardinally invited to join Divine Purpose Youth Performing Arts Center, Saturday, Jun 16, 2018 for the "Stop The Violence Talent Showcase" at "Room 43" 1043 East 43rd Street, Chicago, Illinois 60653. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Tickets $10 - available now at EventBright.

The event is open to the public and will feature performances by comedian Brian Smith, “Da Wildcat”, Singers Jamie Clay, Brian Williams, live music by John Henderson and the band, Spoken Word Artists, an exciting fashion show by Chicago's very own LI LI Fashion Company and many more. Dr. Willie Wilson will be also joining the event as a special guest speaker.             

The founders of DPYPAC, husband and wife team Sergeant Daniel and Victoria Allen, grew up on the westside of Chicago, and experienced first-hand the challenges and obstacles that surrounded their community, and strives to provide opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to do something positive with their talents and their time. 

“We’re pleased to be able to take an active role to help bring awareness, and put an end to senseless gun violence that has plague our entire city, said Daniel. “The recent mass shootings in schools around the country is of grave concern to us, and we will have a moment of silence in remembrance of all those who have died as a result of firearms,” he added.    

"Supporting Youth in the Creative and Performing Arts"

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