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Pritzker Administration Announces $309 Million Assistance Program for Illinois Homeowners Impacted by COVID-19

Homeowners can apply for up to $30,000 in assistance at starting April 11

Required Documents for the IL Homeowner’s Assistance Fund Grant.

This is the link and required documents for the IL Homeowner’s Assistance Fund grant. This grant is up to $30,000 in assistance to help bring past due mortgages current, pay delinquent taxes for properties up for the tax sale along with a few other scenarios. Starting Monday, April 11th the application portal will open to take applications and will close on May 31st. NHS Chicago is a delegate agency help residents apply and providing the required homeownership counseling. Homeowners can visit to learn more.

Black Business Update - Events and Financial Resources Time Sensitive!

Please see the following events and resources from the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity's (DCEO) Office of Minority Economic Empowerment (OMEE)

Chicago DCASE Opportunities for Individual Artists!

Opportunities for Individual Artists, please share far wide in your networks!

Chicago Hospitality COVID Relief Grant Available, Apply Now!

$10,000 grants are available for Chicago’s independent restaurants and bars that continue to facing hallenges due to the COVID-19. Application Closes 11/23!

2021 ARCC Partnership Development Seed Grants Cycle 1

Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) has announces  info webinar Seed Grants with updated and stronger focus on racial equity and addressing root causes of inequities.

Huskie Pledge: A 3.0 high school GPA could be your ticket

For eligible freshmen, new aid program would help fully cover 2020-21 tuition, fees

Getting Funded: Keys to Successful Grant Writing

The UIC Certificate in Nonprofit Management Program hosted Getting Funded: Keys to Successful Grant Writing. The modes of instruction included lecture, case studies and presentations. Students prepared Power Point presentations and shared their final products at the end of the day. 

MC Theatres Giving Back To Community With AMC Cares Grant

MC Theatres believes in giving back to the community and has developed a grant request opportunity under their community grants program called The AMC Cares Charitable Fund. The 2015 deadline to apply is FRIDAY, July 17 by 5pm CST