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News items related to MLK

MLK's Legacy: The March for Education Continues

On Feburary 4th, from 12 PM to 1 PM, AmeriCorps Members will be hosting a Lunch & Learn.

These  working all over Chicago will be discussing their organization and the work being done to promote quality education. This event is done in the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and was inspired by his committment to equality.

Parents, Teachers, SELMA Is Age 13 Appropriate

Movie SELMA now playing, SELMA, an Outstanding drama about MLK's fight for civil rights. Age appropriate, 13 years, rated 5-stars by CommonSense Media.

Part of the Dream: Non-profits Share on MLK Day 2014

To celebrate MLK Day, there are many committed to a day of service, youth are learning their history at community celebrations, and many non-profits across the nation are sharing their thoughts and dreams, for a world of peace and justice. Happy MLK Birthday!