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News items related to Chance the Rapper

Liz Dozier and Chance the Rapper Announce Chicago Beyond’s Second Innovation Challenge Ends 7/7!

Chicago Beyond Managing Director Liz Dozier and Chance the Rapper Chicago Beyond’s second annual Go Innovate Challenge application submittal ends 7/7. The challenge is designed to find and invest in innovative programs, ideas or approaches that disrupt chronic challenges facing young Chicagoans. See story for sbumittal details!

Students Ecstatic Over Chance The Rapper's Visit And $1 Million Gift

Chance surprised students at Westcott Elementary, 409 W. 80th St., Monday with an unexpected announcement. He presented a check of $1 million to CPS for arts education. Chance said he also would give $10,000 directly to Westcott Elementary School, in Auburn Gresham.