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June 2011

6/27–8/4 Resource Mapping Project 2011

September 2011

10 6th Annual Auburn Gresham 79th Street Renaissance Festival

10 am–6 pm - 7901 South Racine, Intersection of 79th Street and Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60620

November 2014

7 One Step Closer to HIV Elimination: Voices from the Next Generation of Advocates, Practioners and Researchers

9 am–1 pm - 969 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637

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News items

COVID-19 Testing In Auburn Gresham (No Waiting!)

Drive Thru & Walk-Up Testing:
1156 W. 79th Streer (79th & Racine - northeast corner parking lot)
No waiting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays From 9am - 4pm.

UoC upcoming 2019 community grand round events address key health topic
In the coming months, community members have the chance to learn from experts on how to lead healthier lives.
Empower Yourself and Manage Your Health | A Candid Conversation on Diabetes & Weight Loss

Join us November 15th for or a discussion around diabetes and weight loss, to health factors very important to our community.

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