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Updating Your Skills: Success for Nancy at Greater West Town

After working 14 year in the parking industry, enduring the schedule and location changes, personalities, and unrealistic supervisor expectations, Nancy was let go.  She had received certificates of recognition and customer endorsements, but these went unrewarded in the layoff process.

Following a 2-year period of unemployment, Nancy heard about Greater West Town Project’s Shipping & Receiving Program.  The prospect of learning specific, technical skills attracted her, so that she could get away from unskilled jobs.   “I didn’t know anything like this existed.  A free program – are you serious?!! “

Nancy entered training in the summer ofo 2015.  She found the day to be rigorous.  The group dynamic was inspirational.  The car fare and other supportive services became more important once her unemployment ran out.  Her family support was a key ingredient. 

Throughout the twelve weeks, Nancy set an example for her fellow students who lacked work maturity.  “Nancy demonstrated the qualities that employers look for in mature workers,” recalls GWTP Basic Skills Instructor, Linda Thomas.  “She took her studies very seriously and raised the bar for her classmates.” 

By the end of training, Nancy was class speaker for graduation and had a long list of accomplishments, including raising her reading score over six grade levels while  also raising her math score.  She says, “I never drove a forklift before; now I’m certified to drive two different forklifts!  Also, I was scared of computers and remember previously struggling so hard with them.  I didn’t want to do anything that had to do with computers.  But I’m not scared now.  GWTP brought me up to date on my skills.”

Nancy’s determination has helped her land a job with the country’s largest Internet-based retailerOnce she starts the job, this grandmother of two would like to help out her grandkids and their parents financially, as well as adding some new clothes to her wardrobe!  Saving to buy a car might be next on the list.  All of this becomes a possibility through her own hard work and the support of family and Greater West Town’s training services!

Interested in updating your skills?  Call GWTP at 312-563-9570.  Training available in manufacturing as well as logistics.  Next Wood Products Manufacturing class starts early October.  Share this story with a friend in honor of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, September 21 – 25.

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