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The New “South Shore Pop Up Diva’s Holiday Boutique” Spurs Economic Excitement


Dec 10, 2014                                         

CONTACT:  Jeanette Foreman

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                       Phone: 404-290-2175

The New “South Shore Pop Up Diva’s Holiday Boutique” Spurs Economic Excitement

CHICAGO (December 10th 2014) – Black Friday of 2014 will forever be embedded in the memory of the South Shore community.

A group of civic minded South Shore women gathered the help of 3 dynamic local non profits and launched a bold and important creative venture that kicked off a business which, though temporary by definition, promises to be the inaugural face of the Community’s longer term economic turnaround.

Called the South Shore Pop Up Diva’s Holiday Boutique, at2423 E. 75th Street,  it is a collective of 15 local South Shore and South side  small businesses,artist and entrepreneurs  who were organized to sell their excellent and unique wares together for 6 weeks during the holidays . In an unusual marketing approach, the Pop Up, promoted not just its own business, but all of the South Shore businesses. This was done as part of a planned year-long local economic development campaign to raise  awareness and respect from South Shore’s 44,000 plus residents that many excellent, but overlooked local businesses provide “ Pop-Up like” excellence  and can be found right in their own backyards.

Veronica Kyle, Sharon Louis-Harris and Mary Steenson, joined by Natalie Perkins are the mastermind/ birthmothers that conceptualized the “South Shore Pop Up Diva’s Holiday Boutique”. They were joined by The Planning Coalition which donated staff and resources and wrapped their Walk Shop Dine South Shore Campaign around the venture, The South Shore Chamber of Commerce, Inc, which connected its business directory and SSA 49 which contributed capital and the support of its business roster

The immediately important thing about the Pop Up is that it has a broad array of high quality, creative, unusual gift items. Choices included a potpourri of unique hand-crafted jewelry, fine art, photography, music, funky fashion ware and accessories, fudge and butter cookies and unusual hand painted repurposed furniture items. Highly popular is a teen run business, “Eye Luv U, which  holds workshops every Sunday from 1-4 pm on creating strikingly colorful tie dyed clothing and teaching how to “pop “ gym shoes. and by the great exposure given by the new local publication The South Shore Current Magazine.

Located in The Quarry ,a newly renovated entertainment facility at 2423 East 75th Street¸ the Pop up shopping experience is enhanced by other business in the building that enable flow and festive atmosphere including a live Jazz cabaret on Friday and a Farmers Market selling fresh produce from Black local area farmers on Saturday and chef cooked hot gourmet meals anytime. 

The Pop Up is playing a significant role in translating the goals of the larger economic revitalization campaign by representing in living color that high quality local business exist in South Shore and that benefits, including jobs and support for the resident’s own entrepreneurial or home based business could exist if residents spend their money with their local businesses such as those represented by the Pop Up. 

The South Shore Pop Up Diva’s Holiday Boutique will continue every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until December 21 at the Quarry located at 2423 East 75th Street in Chicago.

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CONTACT:  Jeanette Foreman                      Phone: 404-290-2175


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