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Walmart Breaks More Ground In Southside Communmities

Walmart's long awated groundbreaking for it's new store, to be located at the corner of 76th and Ashland was held on July 29th, in the Auburn Gresham community.

Elected officials on hard were 17th Ward Alderman LaTasha Thoms and State Senator Jacqueline Collins, a community spokes-person Shirley Byrant, all residents of Auburn Gresham participated in the groundbreaking on Tuesday afternoon.

The community has been waiting to see development start on this new Walmart. There was crowd of neighbors on hand to welcome the Walmart staff. They were excited to see the shovels go in the ground, the mark of Walmart's newest Chicago store finally coming to the neighborhood!

Alderman Lathsha Thomas expressed, "This is part of my commitment to economic development in the community." She too was glad to participate in the groundbreaking and repeated many times, "The new Walmart project will bring 130 new jobs, and allow us to spend and keep our money right here in Auburn Gresham." 

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