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Putting it all “On the Table”

The concept is pretty simple – 10,000 Chicagoans eating, talking and discussing great ideas about how to make the region a better place to live.

On May 12, The Chicago Community Trust will celebrate its 99th anniversary. To mark this milestone, they’re asking Chicagoans throughout the city and suburbs to gather for small group, mealtime conversations and put everything “on the table” through meaningful discussion about how to make the communities where we live and work stronger, safer and more dynamic.

This initiativecalled On The Tableaims to give a broader voice and physical forum for Chicagoans to discuss what’s happening in their neighborhoods and the issues that are important to them.

So far more than 750 tables will be set on May 12, ready for neighbors, colleagues and friends to sit down and talk about their ideas for the future. Each table will look different, some set for 10 friends who will talk about the sustainability of their neighborhoodor those set for 300 Chicago Public School students at the Chicago Cultural Museum, hosted by CPS, Mikva Challenge and several other organizations.

"Since announcing On the Table last month, the Trust has been inspired by the enthusiasm, creativity and ownership Chicagoans have shown in planning these mealtime conversations meant to promote meaningful discussion about the collective future of our communities," said Terry Mazany, president and CEO of The Chicago Community Trust. "But there's room for more and we look forward to engaging even more individuals and organizations from across the Chicagoland region to reach our goal of at least 10,000 participants."  

To sign up, visit and register to host an event on May 12th. Hosts can creatively choose the format and location of their meal and discussion and invite whomever they’d like. Meals and locations will vary – potluck, takeout or homecooked meals, in restaurants, community centers or private homesall details are up to the host to decide.

This is an opportunity for you to raise your voice and be heard. Come, take a seat at the table and talk about Chicago, the Auburn Gresham communityand how you want to inspire an even better future.

If you have questions, or need assistance signing up for On The Table, call 866-373-6951 or visit

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