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The JD Walker Empowerment Rally

(CHICAGO, IL October 16, 2011) On 9:20 a.m. September 19th 76-year old J.D. Walker followed his daily morning routine. He woke up, got dressed and went to the corner liquor store on 76th and Racine to buy his lottery ticket. He never made it home because a northbound black Oldsmobile Alero barreled into his tall thin frame and kept going. The next time his family saw him he was hooked up to tubes in an ambulance fighting for his life as he bled from his nose, mouth and head.

In the aftermath of this untimely event the residents are taking action to restore safety to their streets in Auburn Gresham and Englewood. The tenant’s of Anchor House have collectively shifted their consciousness. They formed the Anchor House Tenant’s Association and held a meeting. “We feel that killing people is not business as usual in our community. Ignorance and apathy are no longer acceptable. We will not ignore it or allow our civic leaders, police or clergy to ignore it either,” says AHTA communications director, April Lawson.

 The Anchor House Tenant’s Association is sponsoring the JD Walker Neighborhood Empowerment Rally to demonstrate the POWER OF ONENESS to be held on Saturday, October 22nd. Hundreds of citizens plan to walk from 79th street to 73rd Street and then back to meet at the spot of the accident. For more information and to register to attend visit

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