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Digital Youth Summer Job leaders receive digital literacy and citizenship training

Common Sense Media provided digital literacy and citizenship training to community leaders who will be working with Digital Youth Summer Jobs students.

May 16, 2011.  Leaders from all five Smart Communities gathered downtown for a training provided by Common Sense Media.  They began by discussing critical issues facing the youth in their home communities regarding their digital world. These issues included real examples of students they knew who had been impacted negatively by digital technology.  One leader shared a story of a college career ruined by a sext.  Others shared issues of online fights that spilled into real life. 


Leaders from the Smart Communities engage in dialogue around digital citizenship.

Merve Lapus

All were provided with a curriculum that would help their students and parents deal with the possible perils of the digital world while also embracing the opportunities that it presents.  The lessons they were trained on will be conducted with students from the Digital Summer Youth Jobs program in each of the communities.  The lessons are designed to get the students thinking and debating their own ethics while providing them with the critical thinking skills they will need to be good digital citizens.   

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