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The Digital Divide When You Don't Have A Job

Roderick Pugh teaches Everyday Digital curriculum to local residents at the St. Sabina Employment Resource Center in Auburn Gresham

Norma Sanders


CHICAGO -  When you talk about a digital divide, you’re probably thinking of inner city kids who don’t have ready access to the Internet. But there’s another group that looks at the digital divide with a growing sense of urgency: unemployed workers. Changing Gears is  public media project looking at the reinvention of the industrial Midwest. In this story, we look at how hard it is to find a job when you don’t have the skills or access to technology. 

Click here to read more and view the Everyday Digital class in session at the St. Sabina Employment Resource Center in the Auburn Gresham community.

Keywords: Changing Gears, Digital Divide, Smart Communities Chicago, WBEZ Radio

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