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EARN-A-BOX at FreeGeek


Computerless in Chicago? If you are frugal like me, then why aren’t you at FreeGeek? For those of you who don’t have a computer, FreeGeek has one of the best bartering arrangements ever. You volunteer 24 hours, get a free computer. How hard is that? And learn new skills as you go. It’s part of their Earn-A-Box program.

In exchange for 24 hours of your time, volunteers can earn a free refurbished computer. To join the program, visit FreeGeek Chicago during any OpenBuild hours posted on the calendar

Not only do they provide ways to purchase low cost or no cost computers, but FreeGeek also will attempt pro bono data retrieval of your hard drive. Yes, you can bring your busted hard drive in and have what most companies charge upwards of 12 hundred dollars, for FREE. (don’t quote me on what they will charge hourly if they actually can retrieve the data, but the initial consultation is free.)

Just in the U.S. alone there are 3 million tons of electronic waste that goes to landfills every year. Learn how to recycle responsibly and build your own computer. FreeGeek Chicago was founded in August 2005 as an affiliate of Portland FreeGeek. They recycle old computers and reuse parts to provide functional computers, education, and job skills training for citizens in exchange for community service. Simply put- FreeGeek advocates for humane environmentally friendly use of information and technology. They are located on 3411 W. Diversey and can be reached at (773) 342-6205.

by ChicGeek

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