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Fashion in Englewood Seeking Volunteers

Event Details

  • Date: Sunday, April 26th
  • Time: 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Address: Marie|Wesley, 1122 W. 63rd St.
  • Minimum Age: 10 years old


  • Distributing Food
  • Overseeing Silent Auction Tables
  • Set Up Tables & Chairs
  • Trash Pick-Up
  • Help/Direct Attendees

About The Organization

M|W is a boutique resale/consignment shop owned and operated by Englewood’s own Nanette Tucker. The community will receive high quality, gently used clothing at affordable prices. It will also receive employment & advocacy for individuals striving to make their way into a competitive workforce. M|W plans to recruit and employ individuals who regularly face barriers to employment, possibly including persons formerly incarcerated


  1. How many volunteers are you looking for? 
    1. We can use up to 20 volunteers.
  2. What jobs would they be expected to perform and for how long? 
    1. The event begins is 4-8pm that Sunday, so we would like the volunteers to be there 3-8:30. The priority is getting the event off to a good start, so if 5 & and a half hours is too long, we suggest 3pm until whenever volunteers can stay.
    2. Duties will include helping distribute hors douevres, overseeing the silent auction tables, helping set up tables and chairs, trash pickup, and helping give attendees directions on where to sit, get food, etc.
  3. What are the event details? (location, time, date, etc.)
    1. Location: Marie|Wesley, 1122 W. 63rd St., 4-8pm (please note volunteer suggested hours above),
    2. Sunday June 26.
    3. Fashion in Englewood is a fashion show free to the public to raise funding for and awareness of Marie|Wesley, an Englewood owned business that will provide affordable but fashionable clothing to the community as well as employment opportunities to those facing barriers to employment. 
  4. What impact is the event supposed to have and/or why are you hosting the event? 
    1. The desired impact is to raise seed money to get the business started and to raise awareness in the community of the opportunities for designers, models, and prospective retail employees.
  5. Are people who volunteer at this event allowed to earn service hours? 
    1. Yes. 
  6. Are you willing to have teenagers as volunteers and/or are there any age restrictions? 
    1. Yes, we welcome ten-aged volunteers. 
    2. Youngest volunteer age should be 10 years.
  7. What paperwork, if any, would volunteers be expected to fill out? 
    1. If volunteers wish to have their service hours signed off, they should bring their service hours forms. We will be happy to complete them and sign them off.

Any additional questions can be submitted to Wade Wilson at

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