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Sports and Civic Engagement: A Black History Month Series

In celebration of Black History Month, the NFL, United Way Worldwide and EVERFI want to dig more deeply into the role of sports as a vehicle for change through civic engagement in a three-part Character Playbook LIVE event series across February that examines the past, present and future of voting and civic engagement in America. Each event will focus on key topics including:

1. The history of voting in America and some of the lesser-known Black leaders who helped secure the right to vote for historically disenfranchised groups  (February 9th)

2. How professional athletes, specifically NFL players, used their platforms to mobilize voters (including their fans, their teammates, and their local communities) to use the ballot to amplify their voices (February 16th)

3. How students can use the lessons of the distant and recent past to carry the momentum of 2020 forward into 2021 and beyond, even if voting is still on the horizon for them (February 23rd)

Please promote series information with your partners. Once additional series (registration) information is received for February 16th and February 23rd we will share.

Register for February 9th Series  

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