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Passing the Torch through the ARK

Passing the Torch through the ARK
For the last eight years, Jocelyn Jones has served as the Executive Director of the ARK of St. Sabina. Under her leadership, the ARK has reached unprecedented heights through the establishment of new initiatives, strategic partnerships, and innovative programs. Jones has undoubtedly left her mark on the ARK and has changed many lives as a result of her passion and dedication. However, she firmly believes the best is yet to come. “I’m grateful for my opportunity to serve at the ARK for so many years,” said Jones. “But I’m confident the best days are still ahead.”  Jones shared this in light of the upcoming leadership transition that will take place at the end of this month. 
She will pass the torch to Courtney Holmon, who will officially step into the role of Executive Director on July 1st. Holmon, who started volunteering at the ARK in 2011, dreamed of one day obtaining employment that would allow her to invest in the future of Chicagoland youth on a large scale. After being offered a position in 2012, she was able to quickly advance within the due to of her unquestionable work ethic and commitment to the company’s mission. Her dream then led her to go back to school, where she eventually earned her M.A. in Nonprofit Business Management from North Park University in 2016. While pursuing her degree, she received several promotions at the ARK, rising from Program Coordinator, to Assistant Program Director, to Program Director, to Senior Program Director. Seven years later, she is now stepping into the top position at the ARK. As Holmon prepares to transition into her new role, she intends to build upon the work of her predecessor. “The services that the ARK provides to this community are extremely vital, and we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to expand our reach and impac

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