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50×50: AN EPIC CITY-WIDE THEATRICAL FLASH MOB! Check out Auburn Gresham This Summer!

On June 23rd, we will be showing up in a neighborhood near you! We have 10 teams of performers, each performing a different play/piece. So what you see in Roger’s Park may not be what you see in Little Village which may not be what you see in Chatham! One thing we know for sure: it will all be fun! It will all be exciting! It will all be outdoors! (Unless it rains) And it will all be never-before-done-in-the-city-of-Chicago.

We are updating the schedule as we solidify our exact performance spots. Stay tuned for the full list! (And if you want us to come to you, let us know!)

Keywords: Chicago Community Trust, DCASE, Free Street Theater, June 23rd

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