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Be on the right side of history, VOTE for Chicago's Mayor April 2, 2019

Chicago has had just four open-seat mayoral contests over the past 100 years. This includes the primary election this past February 2019. So, no matter how you vote, the April 2, 2019, Chicago's mayoral race will make history. The first African American Mayor of the City of Chicago.

The unfortunate part of this historical day, is the entire City of Chicago will predictably only have somwhere in the 30%-40% of residents participate in making this mark in its history.

As of noon Tuesday, April 2nd, just shy of 300,000 votes had been cast, according to the elections board.

Reprinted from Chicago Suntimes:
Here are turnout totals by hour and by age group as of 12 p.m.:

Vote for your candidate of choice.

Be on the right of history, Vote April 2, 2019.

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