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WVON1690: Medical Alert:  Watch Your Blood Pressure and Guard Your Heart!

The excess strain and resulting damage from uncontrolled high blood pressure, or hypertension, damages the heart in multiple ways and can put you on the path to a heart attack and other related difficulties. It's important to be checked for high blood pressure and if diagnosed take your medication as prescribed and make the required lifestyle changes. 
Join host Cedric McKoy and guests as they zero in on effective ways to manage blood pressure and protect your heart.
    Community Health Focus Hour 
  Saturday, March 9, 2019 
WVON radio 1690AM
Cedric McKoy, Advanced Practic Nurse 
UChicago Medicine
Join Cedric McKoy and His Guests!

George Bakris, MD 
Professor of Medicine and Director, Comprehensive Hypertension Center at UChicago Medicine

Joseph Harrington 
Former Regional Health Officer, Illinois Department of Public Health, President/CEO, The Mojo Group, LTD  

Kevin Ross 
CEO, Brand Manager, The Twoguard Group, Heart Attack Survivor   

 To join the discussion call  773-591-1690 Tweet @UChicagoComm 
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