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The groundhog wasn't lying when he said six more weeks of winter! That snow has us chilled to the bone even if it is pretty to look at. After a cold, snowy weekend we can all use a warm-up and what better way than with Hot Chicken. Now's the perfect time to indulge in the Nashville classic.

Fry the Coop, Chicago's latest destination for Nashville Hot Chicken, is a fast-casual Oak Lawn eatery with a simple cooked-to-order menu. No matter your heat tolerance, Fry the Coop can play it safe or get extra fiery. Fontana has created a welcoming atmosphere with great food and lots of personality. 

Fry the Coop is the destination for Nashville Hot Chicken in Chicago’s south suburbs! Open since November 2017, this fast casual Oak Lawn eatery brings the heat with its simple cooked-to-order menu. Whether you want it “crazy” hot (call 911) or “country” (no heat), Fry the Coop satisfies your hot chicken fix and transports guests to the south with every crunchy bite!

Often compared to the famous Hattie B’s in Nashville, Fry the Coop has mastered the flavors, heat and texture of the southern favorite. “I fell in love with Nashville Hot Chicken while living in California,” says owner Joe Fontana. “As a native of Villa Park, I wanted to concentrate on Chicago’s suburbs and create a replica of the local delicacy here.”

True to the 1930’s original from Thornton Prince, owner Joe Fontana uses a spice rub to make Fry the Coop’s heat levels mild, medium, hot and crazy! “We are bringing an experience to the community.  Nashville Hot Chicken gets your endorphins going, makes your pores sweat and brings a smile to your face!  Our goal is delivery happiness every day,” says Fontana. Each piece of made-to-order chicken is juicy, flavorful and spiced to perfection…depending on your heat level!

A modern barn-style interior, the 38-seat counter-service hotspot is clad in red and black, featuring a fun, abstract wall of colorful chicken silhouettes. Guests order at the counter and grab a seat to wait for their cooked-fresh-to-order meal.

Fry the Coop’s Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich takes the local tradition of a slice of white bread and switches it up with a delicate brioche bun topped with fried chicken, cole slaw, pickles and a special sauce. “Nashville chicken is addicting,” says Fontana.  “It’s not a sauce, it’s a dry rub that coats the chicken and gives it an unique flavor.” Another signature dish is the Chicken & Waffles, which is topped with a sweet-spiced butter and hot maple syrup. “Chef Frankie’s Chicken and Waffles is out of this world, with the savory bacon, spiced butter, the sweet waffle, and the crispy hot chicken – it really is the perfect meal.”

About Fry the Coop

Fry the Coop is Chicago’s suburban answer to Nashville Hot Chicken. Open in November 2017, Founder Joe Fontana is true to the southern original featuring fried chicken sandwiches, tenders and chicken & waffles. Located in Oak Lawn, Fry the Coop delivers happiness with every crunchy bite!

Fry the Coop is located at 5128 W. 95th Street, Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453. Open Monday – Thursday, 11:30–8 pm, Friday – Sunday, 11:30–9 pm. For more information, please or call 708.576.8645.


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