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South Community Art Center Presents: Sapphire and Crystals

“Sapphire and Crystals was created (back in February of 1992) to generate opportunities for Black women artists to share resources and take responsibility for telling their own stories.” These were the words of Marva Jolly, who with Felicia Grant-Preston reached out to artist friends and colleagues, calling us together to form the collective. Over the years Sapphire and Crystals artists practiced their craft consistently creating art that spoke to our concerns, our times and our community. There were Sister-Women who came and went and came again, who passed on into the realm of our ancestors and those who joined us anew. Our collective grew and developed, holding onto the purpose and setting examples for another generation of women to come. Now we look forward with love, remembering, reflecting on the lessons learned from our past.

The work in this exhibition revisits that past and pays tribute to those Sisters whom we miss: Marva Jolly, Margaret Burroughs, Renee Townsend, Venus Blue, Francis Parks, Anna Tyler, Annie Lee and Mary Reed Daniels.

We invite you to view our efforts, and participate with us in our joy of creating.

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